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Date:        03/27/2020   UPDATE


To:            Interested parties


Subject:   COVID19 Impact Statement



The COVID-19 virus’ impact on our supply chain and subsequent processing and delivery of product is an evolving situation for our customers, organization and other interested parties. As an OEM, Davis Aircraft Products (DAP) ability to work from home is limited. As we are deemed a DIB essential critical infrastructure DAP has adapted changes in accordance with state, federal and CDC guidelines. In as much we have taken actions internally to optimize safe social distance where possible and a heightened attention to cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing and has issued PPE to operating personnel. DAP has a cross-trained team we will call upon to address anticipated absence in the workplace. We continue working to minimize performance impact by remaining in contact with our supply base and will adjust planning and service where needed. As a result of the present situation Davis Aircraft ownership has recommended to our customers and staff to limit visits to only essential matters.


Davis Aircraft Product is located in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY; that is just 54 miles from down-town New York City and the present epicenter of the COVID19 pandemic. This virus is to expected to continue to affect our community, organization and regional suppliers for weeks to come. While our operations have not been discernably affected as of yet, we do feel it is prudent to project there will be disruptions in staffing and supplier support along the weeks ahead. This pragmatic reasoning will help us to better mitigate risk delivery delays.


For the here and now products and processing continue to flow at near traditional levels. Our ownership and the dedicated team at Davis Aircraft are committed to support our customers, and will stay the course, moving ahead in the best possible manner to fulfill your needs and protect our valued team.  


To ensure continuing awareness we ask that our customers and suppliers continue to keep DAP informed of significant changes in planning, scheduling and/or support capability.  As the COVID-19 situation evolves Davis Aircraft will update its policy that is made available at www.davisaircraft.com at the Latest News section.



Thank you for your understanding and support during this unprecedented time.



Doug Davis

Davis Aircraft