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Litter Cot Systems

FDC4170 Series Folding Litter Cot Systems

Folding Cot System

The stretchers shown below, while being our most popular, represent a small sampling of what we've designed over the years for civilian and military use. Combined with our litter brackets they are ideal for use with land vehicles as well as with aircraft and hospital ships. The engineers at Davis will be glad to help you design a complete system to meet your needs. 

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PART NO. Length IN/MM Width IN/MM Height IN/MM Notes
FDC4170M1 90 / 2286.0 22 / 558.8 25 / 635.0
With legs as
FDC4170M3 87 / 2209.8 22 / 558.8 25 / 635.0 shown below
FDC4170M4 87 / 2209.8 22 / 558.8 6 / 152.4
FDC4170M5 90 / 2286.0 22 / 558.8 6 / 152.4 fold down legs


Davis Single Fold Litter

Folding Cot System

Our Davis single fold litters are the ultimate space saver; designed and co-engineered for superior strength and durability, they are still ultra-lightweight and compact. These single fold litters are equipped with convenient stacking and folding features for easy storage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Total weight is 20 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 1,500 lbs.
  • Weight strength factor of 75:1
  • Removable slide-on cover included
  • No strings, zippers or sewing to frame is needed
  • Nylon aluminum construction is resistant to rust and mildew
  • Meets all climate requirements
  • Left and right attachments include: food tray, water cup and ash receptacle
  • May be stacked three high or folded in order to save additional space

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